Welcome to the site of Jeanne Krabbendam

Jeanne is a mixed media painter, living in Vancouver, Canada.

With formal art training in Europe (The Netherlands and France), she lived in Tunisia and Holland before immigrating to Canada in 1999. Jeanne is an artist with broad exhibit-experience, both in North America and Europe.

Her colourful paintings in a wide variety of subjects are mostly inspired by nature, traveling and people. Her style of work is between representational and abstract

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Jeanne enjoys receiving comments on her art or her web site.

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Jeanne recently added new work to the Gallery: Lively Lessons

Jeanne Krabbendam

Lively Lessons, mixed media on canvas


Book of Rust

Book of Rust, Leef Evans

I've read a book of rust. It had beginnings but they fused to nails at the end. & the middle turned green and bled tealed copper into the prologue. It had a jacket of squandered promise where everything was old. It was a story of cycles & persistence, but it stopped where it began and became shorter as I read it... as the pages turned to brown powder... and then it was a novella... then a story... then an anecdote... then fragments for scholars to wrestle over. And every read was just as good as the one before and I dog-eared all the pages before they fell apart."

From poem read at Poetry Night at the gallery, Tuesday April 20, 2010