At the moment Jeanne doesn’t’ have any workshops planned for the coming time.

Private Classes and Mentor Hours

Give art a first try or learn new skills in the privacy of Jeanne's studio. From acrylics to photo transfers, collage, antiquing or alteration techniques, you can get private lessons in any water medium or mixed and experimental technique. Trying new techniques for the very first time? Preparing for an art show or art school? In need of feedback on your work? Anything is possible, just arrange a date and time with Jeanne. Use of tools and materials included.

inormation on workshops please call or email: 604 434 1367 or 604 358 6965 /


Not able to attend a workshop? Create your own, by yourself or with a group of friends: play Artropology!

Artropology is a creative painting game for young and old. For groups and individuals, at the studio, in your living room or online. Play the game to learn the different Elements of Art, or to inspire yourself in your painting process. Throw the dice, pick a card and follow the prompts. Have fun, surprise yourself, think out of the box: Artropology is your game

For $ 50 (plus 5% GST) it is yours. Shipping is available. Please connect with me and I will make it ready for you! / 604 358 6965


Artropology - art game, rolle the dice and go!

Feedback from recent Workshops

« I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class. You are always so upbeat and very generous. And, I love it when you come around are so helpful with feedback and suggestions It’s a great space Thanks very much. Hugs, O »

« What an invigorating workshop today! How you managed to convey so much joy and excitement from behind a shield and a mask was amazing to behold. Thank you so much for all the fresh ideas - and for providing us all with a place to practice our craft amongst our peers. It has been such a long and arid stretch this year. B »

« Thank you for yesterday, great class. I would like to attend the composition class. G »

« Thank you for such a good workshop yesterday. Your help and enthusiasm was just what I needed with my artwork. The whole afternoon was fun and you managed to fit in all those demos and give us so much information. M »

« I came home happy and excited. That is really saying something in the present circumstances! S »

« Hope to attend another workshop soon. C »



Cabo - Off the Wall - April 2018

Jeanne Krabbendam

Jeanne acce[ts MasterCard and VISA for workshop fees. Jeanne enjoys to receive comments on her art or her web site. Please send her an e-mail.



Some comments from participants in Jeanne’s workshops:

“Inspiring information in a safe environment for creation!”

“Amazing workshop! Thank you for the great experience. My first time painting since high school (many decades ago).”

“My intention was to just let the creative spirit take over – thank you for encouraging me to play and play some more! A wonderful, stimulating workshop!”

“I am not a very ‘artsy’ person, but the ideas you give us make me feel ‘artsy’. You are very inspirational and not just in the way you explain things! You’ve inspired me to continue painting and explore new techniques.”

“I’ve learned so much and actually created something cool that I am proud of (pretty good for someone who can only draw stick people! All the info is clear and your input was very constructive and easy to follow!”

“Best workshop I have attended ever! The teacher was attentive and fun to be with - Very perceptive! I had a great time!"

“I haven’t had an art course since University, so this was very inspirational. I was impressed with the level of the instructors’ teaching.”

“It was such a fun and informative weekend: food for the soul. Loved it!” “This was the best class I have ever taken and it’s because of a combination of factors: the beautiful location, the positive attitude and high level of commitment of all participants, the materials available, the wonderful enthusiastic, warm, talented instructor, to name a few, Thank you!”

“I’ve been waiting for this course for 6 years!”

“Can’t wait to redo some of my work. You have inspired and supported us to try all these great techniques.”