Mixed media painting workshops with Jeanne Krabbendam

Jeanne, Middle Beach

Jeanne offers gift certificates for art or art classes in any amount.

You have never painted before, but you still have the wish to try it? You had your last art experience in high school and you are thinking of picking it up again? You've been painting for years and you feel the necessity to bring your work to another level? Sign up for one of Jeanne's art workshops!
These workshops and studio classes include information and lots of hands on exercises in painting with acrylics, colour, composition and texture. Jeanne can introduce you to the use of:

  • Spackle
  • Different gels and mediums
  • Image Transfer techniques
  • Collage
  • Cheese cloth and other fabrics
  • Tissue paper, news paper, magazine paper
  • Washes and glazes
  • Antiquing techniques
  • Faux encaustics
  • Inks

Starting Fall 2019 Jeanne will be teaching private classes and workshops, at her Salt Water Studio and elsewhere. All weekly courses will continue under the inspiring and knowledgeable leadership of artist and art educator Sandra Bowen –

Please contact Jeanne to schedule a private studio class on Granville Island, or if you would like to organize a workshop with her:


The Power of Colour

Come and explore the power of colour in this short workshop which will introduce you to colour temperature, value, transparency, colour mixing and using colour in a painting 2 X 3 hrs. We will work in this course with acrylic paint. Participants come home with a basic knowledge of colour and what they can achieve by using colour in their art work. Every participant will receive a colour wheel A fun and great course for anybody who paints in any medium!

A worry free course: I will bring all your supplies!

May 2nd and May 9th
2 Thursdays afternoons, 12.30 - 3.30 PM

$ 120+tax -    All use of tools and materials included!
For information and registration on line : or phone: 604 718 8222
Registration Code: 212537

Mixed Media - Transferes and Textures

You are looking for new impulse to your art practice? This workshop, spread over two afternoons, will focus on different image transfer techniques and how you can work them into your art projects, together with texture ideas that will help you build the surface of your art pieces. We will work with papers, cheese cloth, spackle, modeling paste and gel mediums, making use of regular palette knives and brushes and more unusual application tools and materials. Come have fun and explore new ideas for your mixed media art work!

Feb 14 -21, 2019
2 Thursday afternoons, 12:30 to 3:30 pm

Coal Harbour Community Centre.

For information and registration on line : or phone: 604 718 8222
Registration Code: 199813

Fantastic Acrylics - an Abstract painting course

Three Thurs afternoons playing with acrylic paints and learning how to start, create exciting layers and finish a piece of abstract art. You will be introduced to ways of creating a design for your piece, textures, dry brushing, lifting and glazing.

Come an join us for a three-week course in the most beautiful art room in Vancouver, right at Coal Harbour, with views of the water, Stanley Park and the North Shore mountains!
A worry free course: I will bring all your supplies!

Jan 17 to 31, 2019
3 Thursday afternoons, 12.30 - 4.30 pm
May 30th, June 6th and June 13th
3 Thursday afternoons, 12:30 - 4:30 pm

$165+tax -    All use of tools and materials included!
For information and registration on line : or phone: 604 718 8222
Registration Code: 199810

Weekend Festival of Tools

Saturday April 27th, 12:00 - 5:00 pm; and Sunday April 28th, 1:30 - 5:00 pm

This is a weekend course with artists Sandra Bowen and Jeanne Krabbendam.

Of course you can paint with a brush, but don't let that withhold you from trying other tools. This weekend we will be exploring a range of different tools and techniques to create an interesting texture and great designs. The base of our work will be acrylics.

Come prepared for an extra fun weekend of experimentation and creation. Bring cover-up and yourself. The rest will be waiting for you in the Art Room!

$150 + GST all materials and use of tools included in course fee. Course: 212539


Cabo - Off the Wall - April 2018

Jeanne comes to you!

Did you know that when you organize a group of artists, Jeanne is willing to travel to you to conduct a workshop in your own town?

Planning of these kinds of workshops and courses is simple, just email Jeanne at, or connect per phone: 604 434 1367 and together you can get your workshop going!

Private Classes and Mentor Hours

By appointment, $80 per hour ($60 sharing with a second person, $50 sharing with three).

Give art a first try or learn new skills in the privacy of Jeanne's studio. From acrylics to photo transfers, collage, antiquing or alteration techniques, you can get private lessons in any water medium or mixed and experimental technique. Trying new techniques for the very first time? Preparing for an art show or art school? In need of feedback on your work? Anything is possible, just arrange a date and time with Jeanne. Use of tools and materials included.

For more information on all these workshops please call or email: 604 434 1367 /

Painting Party!

Jeanne presented a workshop in which participants all painted a small canvas as part of a larger picture.

Over the course of a few hours during the party 24 people were involved; they created together this multi-paneled piece.

Would you like Jeanne to be involved in something like this at your place? Call or email her and she will arrange the activity with you! Call 604.434.1367 or e-mail:

Jeanne Krabbendam - A Panel
Panel Workshop
Panel Workshop
Jeanne Krabbendam - Finished Panel



Jeanne Krabbendam


Jeanne enjoys to receive comments on her art or her web site. Please send her an e-mail.



Jeanne accepts payments by VISA or Mastercard for her art, or any of the Workshops. Just contact Jeanne.


Some comments from participants in Jeanne’s workshops:

“Inspiring information in a safe environment for creation!”

“Amazing workshop! Thank you for the great experience. My first time painting since high school (many decades ago).”


“My intention was to just let the creative spirit take over – thank you for encouraging me to play and play some more! A wonderful, stimulating workshop!”

“I am not a very ‘artsy’ person, but the ideas you give us make me feel ‘artsy’. You are very inspirational and not just in the way you explain things! You’ve inspired me to continue painting and explore new techniques.”

“I’ve learned so much and actually created something cool that I am proud of (pretty good for someone who can only draw stick people! All the info is clear and your input was very constructive and easy to follow!”

Jeanne Krabbendam - Artist

“Best workshop I have attended ever! The teacher was attentive and fun to be with - Very perceptive! I had a great time!"

“I haven’t had an art course since University, so this was very inspirational. I was impressed with the level of the instructors’ teaching.”

“It was such a fun and informative weekend: food for the soul. Loved it!” “This was the best class I have ever taken and it’s because of a combination of factors: the beautiful location, the positive attitude and high level of commitment of all participants, the materials available, the wonderful enthusiastic, warm, talented instructor, to name a few, Thank you!”


“I’ve been waiting for this course for 6 years!”

“Can’t wait to redo some of my work. You have inspired and supported us to try all these great techniques.”



Flores Island Workshop

Flores Island Workshop

By the water - Flores Island

By the water, Flores Island Workshop

Flores Island Workshop

Flores Island Workshop

Flores Island

Flores Island

Youngest member of Jeanne's workshop

Youngest member of Jeanne's workshop

Student work from workshops

Student work from workshops

Red Deer College

Teaching at Red Deer College, "Art with a Story"

Jeanne at the Salt Water Studio

Jeanne at the Salt Water Studio

Red Deer College

Red Deer College

Painting in the Garden

Painting in the Garden